Radiator Mount
Don't overheat on the line!
Actual size: 3.0" x .75"

$13.99 per set

Since fourstrokes overheat easily, you need to monitor the temperature of the engine components.

For longer engine life, you need to monitor the temperature. You bike isn't running hot until it reaches 200F. That is when you need Mototemp to inform you, to what is poing on.

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-30% larger for easy viewing
-Twelve Temp levels per label
-5 to 20 progressive degree increments per level
-Level turns green when that temp has been reached
-Level turns back to black when cool
-Completely reusable, will last for years
-Self adhesive
-Pressure washer safe
-Temp range from 135F-248F

Cylinder and Case Mounting

Mototemp Strips

Mototemp Strip Set