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FVO System Features

* No fork cap exchanges needed
* Works performance and quality
* Light weight carbon fiber construction
* Exclusive bleed screw adapter
* Precision adjustable one-way valve
* Strong slip resistant carbon fiber brackets

* Low profile swivel fittings for no compromise handlebar mounting
* Self draining tank design, no maintenance
* Can be swapped from bike to bike in less than five minutes
* Fitments available for all late model motorcycles
* Fits behind the nuber plate without interference
* Fitments for 125cc-450cc Showa/Kayaba, 85cc Showa/Kayaba
* Fitments for 125cc-525cc KTM and other 4mm threaded forks

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* For a fully customized system, contact us.

Quality that is guaranteed! Is your suspension as good as it can be?
If not, you may want to check out our FVO System. A subtank system that requires no drilling or any other modification to your forks. It's no secret, that our suspensions are limited to how well our forks are working. Since, the shock can easily be adjusted to out perform the forks, we all have been limited to how plush the entire bike can be. Now, with the help of our FVO System, you can actually have forks plush enough to get the most out of your shock. You will no longer be limited to "It's as good as I can get it". Instead it will be " It's as good as I want it." Not only does the FVO System fit behind the number plate without the use of zip ties, it is the first and only 100% maintenance free, no drill system with a total weight of 9 ounces on the market.
The FVO System uses an exclusive rebound by-pass valve, for a no surprise, no compromise performance. Other systems claim to be engineered to have a "Buffer", when in fact the so called "Buffer" is one of the major flaws that we have engineered out of the subtanks performance. Our system will work on any fork design, twin chamber or open bath types. Our system is engineered to control the air spring characteristic, that every fork has. All this means, you will have the plushest fork action possible, with no harsh buffering affects.
Why settle for 20 year old technology for your late model equipment? A new design, for newly designed forks.
*Guaranteed to perform better than the competition, or your money back. 

        Performance and Quality
             that is Guaranteed

FVO System Info
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Systems total weight is less than 9 ounces

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